July Promotions  

Beach Prep: Underarm, bikini line, and ½ leg wax

~complimentary eye brow wax!~



Beach Babe: Express pedicure, underarm, bikini and ½ leg wax

~complimentary brow wax OR paraffin application for the feet!~



~VIP Retreat: G.M Collin Classic facial, eye treatment, chemical peel, 1 hour relaxation massage AND complimentary express pedicure OR classic manicure 



Return of the Brazilians! 

Jess is offering Brazilian waxes to all clients! 

The art of Brazilian waxing has come a long way in the last few years, and we will now be offering this technique using 

hard wax, which is a strip less wax, and is considered to be much more gentle for sensitive areas. 

We also now use a pre-epilation ice gel that contains benzocaine, which desensitizes the skin, ensuring increased comfort. We follow

up with a gentle milk post-wax lotion, which soothes the skin and removes any sticky residue.  

Full: $60.00

Repeat : $35.00

We Are Now Offering Raindrop Technique Massages!  

Introduction  to the oils...Class July 28th - 7-8:30

Call spa to sign up!  613-865-7100

Experience the relaxing and revitalizing effects of 9 different Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils applied to your spine, neck and feet. Raindrop uses a combination of Holistic Techniques that create synergistic effects for the body.

These modalities include, Aromatherapy: therapy-grade essential oils applied to the body, Vita flex: slight-to-medium pressure, similar to reflexology and Feather-stroking: a light stroking of the skin to gently work the oils into the body.

The Raindrop Technique teaches about the use of Therapeutic Essential Oils to optimize health and wellness.

The Rainbow Technique incorporates the use of Essential Oils. Therapy Grade Essential Oils have a variety of uses and can improve overall wellness in your life.Therapeutic Essential Oils for maximum effect. This grade of oil has no artificial or chemical components - all natural, straight from the source of the plant

Therapy grade essential oils are now available for sale at Beauty Inside Spa

$99.00 for One Hour

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Referral program:  Refer three friends who give us your name, and YOU receive your choice of a complimentary shellac manicure or half hour relaxation massage! 


Have Medical Benefits?

We have a therapeutic foot care nurse, Randi Livius, on staff! Call and ask for hours she's available!


Janet Howard, our Registered Massage Therapist, 

 is at the spa on Tuesdays from 10-6 pm 

One hour: $80.00

45 minutes: $62.00

30 minutes: $50.00


Hours of Operation:

Tues, Wed, Friday:  9-5pm

Thursday: 9-7

Saturday: 9-4pm

Sunday and Monday: Closed 


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 Our Guarantee:

The Beauty Inside Experience offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where our team of educated specialists truly care about your individual needs.

Our goal during your visit is to assist you with your self care by nurturing & balancing your soul through Esthetic treatments and healing modalities.

We guarantee an experience of 

Inner Peace, Relaxation & Beauty.