Yonka Body Treatments

Beauty Inside Spa is now offering body treatments from Yonka! 

We have decided to partner with Yon-ka, G.M Collins sister company.  This company, specializing in phyto-aromatic care, has been made in France since 1954 and offers a multi-sensorial skincare experience. 

YON meaning purifying and energizing river
KA meaning eternity

This is the core of the Yon-ka concept.
The products are made up of varying concentrations of lavender, rosemary, geranium, thyme and cypress with the goal to restore harmony and reconcile body and mind.


Exfoliates, Hydrates, Firms  -  30 min 

This refreshing citrus scent exfoliating massage will leave your skin feeling refreshed & invigorated.   The botanical gel peel is ultra-gentle with no abrasive grain making it suitable for the most sensitive skin. 

Frequency: anytime
Routine care: once a month


Long lasting, Deep Hydration Treatment 

A treatment that gently exfoliates and hydrates your skin while providing it with nourishing ingredients to help improve
 the tone and texture.  Leaves skin divinely soft!

Frequency: at any time
Routine care: once a month

Slimming Treatment
60 min

The Phyto-Minceur treatment offers an aromatic slimming treatment
 to combat anti-water retention or dimpling (cellulite).  Treatment
 is completed with precisely targeted healing and stimulating essential oils, giving visible results that will encourage you to continue.

Frequency: once a week for 2 months (8 treatments) $760
Routine Care: once a month $99

Firming & Anti-Aging Booster- 60 min

This treatment targets skins lack of firmness and includes massage techniques to stimulate & invigorate. Products are infused with
 essential oils; rosemary, sage, horsetail and lime specifically to stimulate firmness. This lifting treatment is sure to please. 

Frequency: once a week for 2 months (8 treatments) $840 
Routine care: once a month $110

To enhance your treatment add an Aroma Luxe Massage 
- a draining, relaxing or energizing massage
 to any of the above body wraps. 

60 min- $92