DEAL #1 

A Complete Facial Rejuvenation...
Treatment Collaboration ONLY $164

Microdermabrasion + KineLift + Dermalift
A complimentary Collagen Eye Treatment by G.M. Collin Skincare

Savings $58



A process that uses micro crystals from a natural mineral to remove dead skin cells
 from the surface of the skin.  In removing a layer of the epidermis, microdermabrasion triggers
 the skin's repair and regeneration of mechanisms.

Results:  Restores radiance, removes dead skin cells, refines pores, accelerates skin renewal and repair, stimulates collagen and elastin productivity,  increases dermal density.

Ideal for: Sun damage, uneven or granular skin surface, comedones, fine lines and wrinkles,
 enlarged pores, mild to moderate scars and stretch marks.

KineLift - Non Surgical Face Lift 

The KineLift non surgical face lift treatment program is designed to control the aging process by stimulating the epidermis and its underlying structure.  This is accomplished through:

  • Kinelase: Local light Energy + Impulsed Micro-currents
  • LED light Photo Therapy at 640 nm
  • Modulated Micro-currents
  • Ultrasonic micro-cellular massage
This non-invasive process produces visible lifting results.  This three-dimensional facial stimulation process corrects age-relatd problems affecting the epidermis, dermis and muscles.  It improves muscle tone, stimulates collagen production and fights the signs of aging.

DermaLift - Pulsated and Modulated Micro-Currents
Neck and decollete lift effect
Topical Delivery: Facilitates product application

 Completely Undone $99

This treatment starts with the balancing treatment of the Indian Head Massage
 to help with the mind, body and spirit.  

Following with the relaxing & healing treatment of reflexology for the feet.

We promise, you will feel Completely Undone


Bliss Package $82

A relaxing and nurturing treatment to relieve stress, insomnia & sinus congestion. 
This treatment includes a relaxation massage on your back, neck, shoulders,
 arms and hands combined with a massage that focuses on the scalp
 using traditional Indian massage techniques
 adapted to you. 

Pure Bliss!